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HEAVEN: The Frankenstein effect

Sergio Canavero, XiaoPing Ren, C. Yoon Kim

Date of publication: 19-Sep-2016


The HEAVEN head transplant initiative needs human data concerning the acute restoration of motor transmission after application of fusogens to the severed cord in man. Data from two centuries ago prove that a fresh cadaver, after hanging or decapitation, can be mobilized by electrical stimulation for up to 3 hours. By administering spinal cord stimulation by applied paddles to the cord or transcranial magnetic stimulation to M1 and recording motor evoked potentials, it should be possible to test fusogens in fresh cadavers. Delayed neuronal death might be the neuropathological reason.

Houston, GEMINI has landed: Spinal cord fusion achieved

Sergio Canavero, Xiaoping Ren

Date of publication: 19-Sep-2016

GEMINI: Initial behavioral results after full severance of the cervical spinal cord in mice

C-Yoon Kim, Hanseul Oh, In-Kyu Hwang, Ki-Sung Hong

Date of publication: 19-Sep-2016

Background:The GEMINI spinal cord fusion protocol has been developed to achieve a successful cephalosomatic anastomosis. Here, we report the preliminary data on the use of a fusogen [polyethylene glycol (PEG)] after full cervical cord transection in mice to facilitate the fusion of both ends of a sharply transected spinal cord.

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