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Serum procalcitonin is a marker for prediction of readmission from an intermediate care to an acute care hospital in neurosurgical patients

Lim Jia Xu, Nicolas K. K. King, Sharon Y. Y. Low, Ng Wai Hoe

Date of publication: 28-Aug-2015

Background:Readmission of patients to acute hospitals contributes significantly toward inefficient utilization of healthcare resources, with studies quoting up to 90% being preventable. We aim to report and analyze the factors involved in the readmission of neurosurgical patients who had been previously transferred to an intermediate step-down care facility, and explore possible predictive markers for such readmissions.

Electromyography in musculoskeletal pain: A reappraisal and practical considerations

R. P. Lazaro

Date of publication: 28-Aug-2015

Background:Patients with musculoskeletal pain (MSP) and local tenderness in the back and extremities are frequently referred to electromyography (EMG) laboratory to assess the integrity of the spinal nerve roots, peripheral nerves, and skeletal muscles. When focal muscle weakness and anatomical sensory deficits are clinically evident, this procedure is almost always abnormal. In some situations, when the presenting symptoms consist of local pain and tenderness without neuromuscular deficits, its diagnostic utility becomes questionable as illustrated in the present study.

Methylprednisolone in the management of spinal cord injuries: Lessons from randomized, controlled trials

Vincent Cheung, Reid Hoshide, Vishal Bansal, Ekkehard Kasper, Clark C. Chen

Date of publication: 24-Aug-2015


The efficacy of glucocorticoid for treatment of acute spinal cord injuries remains a controversial topic. Differing medical societies have issued conflicting recommendations in this regard. Here we review the available randomized, controlled trial (RCT) data on this subject and offer a synthesis of these data sets.

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