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An aggressive multidisciplinary approach reduces mortality in rhinocerebral mucormycosis

Sheri K. Palejwala, Tirdad T. Zangeneh, Stephen A. Goldstein, G. Michael Lemole

Date of publication: 25-May-2016

Background:Rhinocerebral mucormycosis occurs in immunocompromised hosts with uncontrolled diabetes, solid organ transplants, and hematologic malignancies. Primary disease is in the paranasal sinuses but often progresses intracranially, via direct extension or angioinvasion. Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is rapidly fatal with a mortality rate of 85%, even when maximally treated with surgical debridement, antifungal therapy, and correction of underlying processes.

I slew the beast!

James B. Mansfield

Date of publication: 25-May-2016

Spontaneous shrinkage of vestibular schwannoma

Rossana Romani, Jonathan Pollock

Date of publication: 19-May-2016

Background:“Watch, wait, and rescan” (WWR) has an established place as a successful management option for a significant proportion of vestibular schwannomas (VS) as an alternative to microsurgical removal or stereotactic radiotherapy. VS may grow slowly and continuously, followed by stagnation or even shrinkage. We present two case reports of spontaneous shrinkage of VS along with a review of the literature.

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