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Hemichorea-hemiballismus caused by postoperative hyperperfusion after clipping of a giant unruptured middle cerebral artery aneurysm

Soichi Oya, Naoaki Fujisawa, Toru Matsui

Date of publication: 21-May-2015

Background:Movement disorders after the clipping for an unruptured giant aneurysm are rare. The information on the pathogenesis and treatment options for this condition is largely unknown.

Usefulness of repetitive intraoperative indocyanine green-based videoangiography to confirm complete obliteration of micro-arteriovenous malformations

Soichi Oya, Takahide Nejo, Naoaki Fujisawa, Tsukasa Tsuchiya, Masahiro Indo, Takumi Nakamura, Toru Matsui

Date of publication: 21-May-2015

Background:It is difficult to intraoperatively confirm the total disappearance of arteriovenous (AV) shunts during surgery for microarteriovenous malformations (micro-AVMs), especially when the nidus is extremely small or diffuse on preoperative angiography. Although intraoperative angiography is effective for evaluating residual shunts, procedure-related risks raise important concerns. The purpose of this study was to assess the usefulness of intraoperative indocyanine green-based videoangiography (ICG–VA) to determine complete disappearance of micro-AVMs during surgery.

The expanding role of the endonasal endoscopic approach in pituitary and skull base surgery: A 2014 perspective

Bjorn Lobo, Annie Heng, Garni Barkhoudarian, Chester F. Griffiths, Daniel F. Kelly

Date of publication: 20-May-2015

Background:The past two decades have been the setting for remarkable advancement in endonasal endoscopic neurosurgery. Refinements in camera definition, surgical instrumentation, navigation, and surgical technique, including the dual surgeon team, have facilitated purely endonasal endoscopic approaches to the majority of the midline skull base that were previously difficult to access through the transsphenoidal microscopic approach.

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