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Glioblastoma - A tale of two tumors: Case comparison and literature review
Taylor A Wilson
In the paper entitled "Glioblastoma - A tale of two tumors: Case comparison and literature review," the authors discuss several molecular biomarkers for glioblastoma (GBM), and the role of these marke...
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Marker-CT assisted surgery using household key ring: A simple substitute to frameless stereotaxy for developing countries
Sivashanmugam Dhandapani, Harnarayan Singh
Background: Operative localization systems such as stereotactic frames and neuronavigation are prohibitively expensive to be of use in many centers in developing countries. Here, we present a m...
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Presurgical evaluation of hemifacial spasm and spasmodic torticollis caused by a neurovascular conflict from AICA with 3T MRI integrated by 3D drive and 3D TOF image fusion: A case report and review of the literature
Concetta Alafaci, Francesca Granata, Mariano Cutugno, Giovanni Grasso, Francesco M Salpietro, Francesco Tomasello
Background: Hemifacial spasm (HS) and spasmodic torticollis (ST) are well-known disorders that are caused by a neurovascular conflict. HS is characterized by irregular, involuntary muscle contr...
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