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Diagnosing early upward cerebellar herniation by computed tomography: A diagnostic boom, a savior

Navneet Singla, Ankur Kapoor, Debajyoti Chatterjee

Date of publication: 29-Jun-2016

The outermost “dura-like membrane” of vestibular schwannoma

Ryosuke Tomio, Kazunari Yoshida, Maya Kohno, Dai Kamamoto, Shuji Mikami

Date of publication: 29-Jun-2016

Background:The membranous structure of vestibular schwannoma is an important factor in its surgical treatment. Herein, we report intraoperative and microscopic findings relating to an outermost dura-like membrane in cases of vestibular schwannoma and the importance of these findings.

The effects of 30 mT electromagnetic fields on hippocampus cells of rats

Farzaneh Teimori, Amir A. Khaki, Asghar Rajabzadeh, Leila Roshangar

Date of publication: 29-Jun-2016

Background:Despite the use of electromagnetic waves in the treatment of some acute and chronic diseases, application of these waves in everyday life has created several problems for humans, especially the nerve system. In this study, the effects of 30mT electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the hippocampus is investigated.

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