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The Future of Glioma Therapy

Everyone who is involved in the treatment of gliomas has grown tired of reading journal articles that begin with “the prognosis for gliomas remains dismal.” It is this feeling that led to the inception of this Surgical Neurology International supplement on The Future of Glioma Therapy. Each of the contributors was asked to discuss future possibilities and areas of potential investigation within their field of expertise. This supplement benefits from a breadth of knowledge and experience in disparate areas of glioma therapeutics, from immunotherapy to nanotechnology; from robotic surgery to convection enhanced delivery; from implantable therapeutics to personalized therapy based on molecular subtyping. Hopefully, this supplement will stimulate readers’ imaginations and lead to new avenues of investigation. Someday in the future, reports will begin with “progress in our understanding of glioma biology has translated into significant improvements in our ability to treat this once deadly disease.”

Surgical Neurology International is grateful to Arbor Pharmaceuticals for a generous educational grant, which supported the publication of this supplement.

Daniel L. Silbergeld, MD
Editor, SNI: Neuro-Oncology
University of Washington
Department of Neurological Surgery
Seattle, Washington


Personalized Medicine for Gliomas, by Chibawanye I Ene, Eric C Holland

Treatment of Gliomas: How did we get here? by Michelle M Chowdhary, Chibawanye I Ene, Daniel L Silbergeld

Interstitial chemotherapy for malignant glioma: Future prospects in the era of multimodal therapy, by Antonella Mangraviti, Betty Tyler, Henry Brem

Immunotherapy for malignant glioma, by Carter M Suryadevara, Terence Verla, Luis Sanchez-Perez, Elizabeth A Reap, Bryan D Choi, Peter E Fecci, John H Sampson

Convection-enhanced drug delivery for gliomas, by Andrew T Healy, Michael A Vogelbaum

Bionanotechnology and the Future of Glioma, by Peter A Chiarelli, Forrest M Kievit, Miqin Zhang, Richard G Ellenbogen

The future of high-grade glioma: Where we are and where are we going, by Emilie Le Rhun, Sophie Taillibert, Marc C Chamberlain

Robotics in the neurosurgical treatment of glioma, by Garnette R Sutherland, Yaser Maddahi, Liu Shi Gan, Sanju Lama, Kourosh Zareinia



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