1) Banner ad with link to company Web site or online ad:
  1. Top of journal pages, including home page: $1000/ month (minimum three months) or $10,000/ year. Banner ads on home page may share space with up to two other sponsors, to be shown on a rotating basis.
  2. Side of article pages: $500/ month (minimum three months), or $5000/ year. Banner ads on side of page will not share space with other sponsors. For non-medical companies the cost is $ 1000/month and $10,000 a year.
  3. Sponsor a supplement: $5000/ life of articles. Banner ad will appear at the top of every online article in the supplement (not the top of the page). Banner space will not be shared with other sponsors. Banner will not appear on PDF version of article.
  4. Side banner ad for a Supplement is $2500/issue, and it will not be shared with any other sponsor.
2) New Product Videos/Infomercials:
  1. 3 minute video: $1000/ month or $10,000/ year
  2. 5 minute video: $1600/ month or $16,000/ year
3) Video sponsorship (“How I Do It,” UCLA 100 Lecture Series, etc.): Videos will begin with a sponsor notice that the publication of this video was supported by an educational grant from X company.
  1. Message to remain on video indefinitely: $2500
  2. Can select video to support
4) Video Series on “How I do it” Video Space.
  1. Sponsor can have a 30 Second intro ad before each video
  2. Sponsor can have a 3 minute separate video on their product
  3. Up to 10 videos on the space can be used.
  4. $2000/ month or $20,000 per year
5) Banner ad on monthly e-mail newsletter to 11,000 neurosurgeons
  1. $250/ month for top or side banner ad
6) Symposium Sponsor on subject of advertiser’s choice:
  1. Will be made as live video with audience at national or international meeting.
    1. Allows questions and answers
    2. Video will be posted on Website under Videos-Symposium-New to toolbar contents.
    3. Viewers can make comments at any time from any location and obtain responses from faculty or others.
  2. SNI can arrange video production through its production facilities or company can make video on own (see below).
  3. Charge according to length of symposium, time and expense involved.
  4. Indication that company supported the Symposium from an educational grant for its publication.
  5. Other advertisements will be arranged with company.
  6. Price to be determined
  7. SNI open to other options
7) Local or national meeting sponsorship:
  1. Video presentation to be put on Web site.
  2. If the video is produced by SNI, costs to be determined
8) Webinar:
  1. Interactive features can be arranged.
  2. Costs to be determined depending upon project
9) Major Sponsors with grant of $30,000/ year or more
  1. Logo placed on all electronic newsletters (once a month) to 11,000 neurosurgeons worldwide plus other choices listed above. Arrangement to be discussed with sponsor.
10) SNI Video Production:
  1. SNI can produce print ads or videos for your company through The Waymaster Corporation Productions. The Waymaster Corporation has produced an award-winning television series (13 30-minute shows, shown on public television in the USA and Canada) entitled: “The Leading Genâ -now in its second season. Seen by more than 3,000,000 people its first year. For more information see www.theleadinggen.org
  2. Videos range from 30 seconds to 5-minute videos, to 1 hour or more meetings, Webinars, etc
  3. Other projects also can be produced.
  4. Our own video production will adhere to standards of Surgical Neurology International in reaching its audience.
  5. All costs to be determined by project requested.
  6. Prices will be competitive.
  7. SNI can also work with your production agency or personnel to assist in developing the ad. Time costs will be involved.
11) Support for publication of manuscripts whose authors are unable to pay (usually developing countries):
  1. $3,000 (supports publication of 10 papers), $5,000 (supports publication of 18 papers) or $10,000 (supports publication of 40 papers).
  2. Sponsor will be identified on each paper with statement, “Publication of this article has been subsidized by an educational grant from ‘Sponsor Logo’."
  3. Sponsorship notice will appear on PDF and online formats of the article(s) sponsored.
12) Support of Journal Club for each club posted:
  1. $500/ Journal Club.
  2. Sponsor support for Journal Club noted at top of page:
“Journal Club supported by an educational grant from ‘Sponsor Logo’." 13) Support for Neuroradiology-Neuropatholgy Conference:
  1. $500/ Report.
  2. Sponsor support for Journal Club noted at top of page: “Neuroradiolgy-Neuropatology Conference supported by an educational grant from ‘Sponsor Logo’.“
14) Sponsorship of “Neurocirugía Hoy” or “FLANC,” covering all of Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries. Written in Spanish. (Find on Web site under Societies > Publications):
  1. Opportunity for multiple print ads – full color, full page.
  2. $500 per page, per issue. Suggest two pages for full page spread in HOY! as publication is presented with two pages at same time.
  3. For FLANC, suggest page after cover page as slot for one page ad as FLANC is set up as a single page view
  4. Multiple print ads possible from same company. For more than one ad from same company, cost drops to $400 per ad, per issue.
  5. Exclusivity to be discussed separately.
  6. Issues published quarterly.
  7. Reaches most neurosurgeons in Latin America.

For more information, please e-mail advertising@surgicalneurologyint.com, or call 1 (760) 770-4646

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