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Since the publication of my follow-up article on the COVID-19 “pandemic” titled COVID Update: What is the Truth? I have received over a 100 emails from all over the world. All but two highly praised the article and most stated that it was the first article in which this entire debacle has been adequately and succinctly explained. I never expected such a response from so many people, many are professionals and individuals highly trained in the medical sciences.

The individuals responding included doctors of every specialty, including surgeons, anesthesiologist, obstetricians, gynecologists, family physicians, ER doctors, a philosophy professor, a doctor of education, legal experts, CEOs of companies, a mathematician, a professor of anatomy, a pharmacology professor, a number of RNs (some holding a PhD degree), an expert in medical genomics, and many others possessing high degrees of knowledge concerning scientific subjects. A number were businessmen and women, military officers, and another individual who was responsible for his state’s COVID policies and a funeral director. Every day I receive more emails from grateful people living in a multitude of countries – South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, the UK, Australia, Chile, Peru, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Canada, and many other nations. Within the United States, I received the most supportive emails from states that had the worst public health policies and most stringent masks and lockdown laws, in particular California. These individuals were best able to see through the hypocrisy and serial lies.

In a number of cases, the individuals emailing me stated that the article contained many things that they suspected but just did not know the details. Virtually, all expressed the belief that this entire “event” has been a massive deception controlled through orchestrated disinformation from people in positions of governmental authority who should have known better. For example, I received this message: “Thank you for writing that article. You put into words what so many of us know in our hearts is true but cannot say.”

Many stated that the article was “courageous” which tells me that the level of fear around the globe is monumental and silences many. They indeed appreciate the level of deception and management of the “truth” by the manipulators of the news and reality itself. These individuals are afraid to speak out. For a true perspective on the level of fear being exercised, I would recommend a book written by a psychiatric expert in this area, Dr. Mark McDonald, called United States of Fear.


From Chile we have this response: “I am a Chilean citizen with a long-standing academic collaboration in the US. I am writing to thank you for your recent article. Setting aside the sadness of the terrible reality exposed, it has made me happy to see it…” Another sent this message: “Thank you for your courageous article! We are very grateful for you standing up for what you believe in. We would love to help in any way that we can.” This message is from a scientist trained in the field of experimental and clinical immunology, clinical medicine, and endocrinology: “Thank you very much for an honest analysis of all life aspects over the past 2 years. We have seen these facts all over the world.” Another physician sent this message: “Thank you so much for your article. It is the best that I have read and believe me I have read so many about the ‘pandemic’ and what and who is behind it. It should be made required reading for all Doctors, Nurses, Health care workers, and Government Officials Globally.”

A gentleman from France sent this: “Presented in layman’s terms, an excellent summary of one of the most murderous periods in human history, where political bureaucrats usurped the proper rule of medical practitioners. I hope that they will be held to account for crimes against humanity.”

Several in the legal profession have express dismay at what is occurring. For example, we have this from a foreign country: “I am a barrister who is currently working as a lecturer in two law subjects… I feel that I have been living in a twilight zone, for the last 2 years. The more concerned I became and sought answers, it seemed that the more material was withdrawn and options denied. Previously, smart people in my circles whom I had respected became illogical (and a bit like fearful automatons?). Even close friends and extended family became seemingly bewitched. And, a number of highly medically qualified people started to defer to sources far less qualified than themselves, as authoritative, which I found strange. And, there was unquestioning acceptance of the edicts of certain government-funded bodies (which were clearly acting beyond ethical boundaries).”

From a medical doctor in the UK: “The situation of alarmed and sceptical colleagues who are employed in the UK NHS is very different, they often have contractual reasons to remain silent, or their colleagues in general/family practice may be ignorant, fearful, or threatened their knowledge of their own ignorance. Anyway, my thanks for your excellent update” A note from a pharmaceutical representative who was fired for refusing to be “jabbed:” “Thank you for your incredibly detailed article in Surgical Neurology and your courage in speaking during this time.”

And, this from a gynecologist from Italy: “I read with great interest your courageous editorial and wish to thank you very much for your time and passion.”

As an example of the enormous stress, our physicians are facing by these insane COVID policies we have this: “Thank you for writing the article. You can add the fact that I can’t find a physician to write me an exemption for this ridiculous booster. I stand at the precipice of losing my job for refusing to get a booster and not willing to sign my medical exemption. Insanity.”

A microbiologists from Italy sent this response to the article: “I read with the greatest interest your article published on Surgical Neurology International. First of all, I would like to thank you for your intellectual honesty (a quality today increasingly rare) and for defending science, the real science, throughout your article.”

A professional working with autistic children sent this: “I have read voluminous material about the ‘pandemic’ and have been horrified by the various abuses that have taken place to legitimate medical experts and patients alike.”

Some of the most important replies came from individuals who worked for the CDC and other world bodies who realized that something terrible was amiss. For example, I had this response to my article from a person who worked for the CDC: “I had highest respect for my colleagues and was more than astonished as I saw the pseudoscience unravel in 2019/2020, and the corruption reveals itself on a global scale. Thanks so much for your recent article, and your efforts to unveil this deceitful manipulation that transpired: some day we must do more than strive better for our children and grandchildren’s well-being. We must win a battle against what now is revealed as massive greed and corruption.”

From Canada, one of the more corrupt and oppressive governments comes this response: “I live 3 hours north of Toronto. I had knowledge of most of what you explained but it was very well done and gave me more insight and better understanding of many of ideas. To me what you discussed in COVID Update should make perfect sense to anyone with an open mind (if they don’t already know, that is). It was the most well written comprehensive briefing on the current situation I’ve read yet.”

Here, we have a victim of job loss for refusal to be forcibly injected with an experimental substance. He writes “I am one of millions now unemployed because of fascistic mandates and public health policies.”

The Australians have been under a terrifying police state-like containment for most of a year. A medical profession living under this system writes this: “Thank you for a brilliant searing paper. As we’ve seen, there are oligarchical forces who will attack any counter-narrative and plenty of useful idiot brainwashed who’ll do so as well.”

An interventional cardiologist wrote: “Dr. Blaylock, I wanted to congratulate you on an incredibly well written and meticulously documented review of this travesty of our medical system.”

One of the more impressive responses came from a professor of pharmacology, a man of high academic attainment. He wrote:

“I just wanted to say thank you for having the scientific courage to lay out the facts in Surgical Neurology International regarding SARs-CoV-2 and our nation’s lemming-like embrace of these so-called ‘vaccines’. As a pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist, and clinical pharmacologist, I was shocked to witness the FDA completely disregard decades of its own scientific methodologies and clinical protocols for ‘approving’ a novel medication. I was even more stymied by how many physicians and scientists simply drank the CDC’s Kool-Aid and played right along with the mandates, while completely disregarding a century’s worth of knowledge about innate and adaptive immunity. All one had to do was read the scientific literature with a critical eye to know something was greatly amiss with these ‘vaccines’. He ends the email with this important statement: “When one understands the molecular pharmacology of the mRNA ‘vaccines,’ it is readily apparent why so many adverse effects are associated with it, especially secondary infections postvaccination/booster.”


What one learns when engaging in such battles for truth is that most of your critics do not come from the world of science, but rather from politics, an assortment of the usual trolls and individuals having a financial stake in promoting these “official” narratives. One also learns that your enemies often are not those who truly have a differing, well thought out, logical scientific opinion regarding a scientific or technical subject, rather they have an agenda, which they guard like a nuclear secret.

You also learn that in most instances, your enemies will not resort to logic, scientific studies, or critical thinking, rather they launch into personal attacks. In most instances, these personal attacks are based on their individual ignorance of the subject being discussed as well as of the person being attacked.

I often use a quote which succinctly describes the methodology of these individuals. “When one cannot answer a man’s arguments, all is not lost, you can still call them vile names.” The ad hominem attack is an old standby of such individuals. While they scream disinformation, virtually everything they use as examples of your lack of fitness to have an opinion is in fact – DISINFORMATION.

Every day I see highly credentialed, prestigious, and extensively published individuals demonized by these members of our society who wish to control the narrative. Their favorite targets include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Paul Marik, and Dr. Peter McCullough, five people so far above any of their critics in clinical experience, scientific knowledge, and number of scientific publications that there is no question to the logical mind whose credibility we should trust. Robert Malone, the man who developed the mRNA technology, has been a particular focus of these attacks, as he knows more about this injectable genetic system than anyone. The mainstream media even had the brazen audacity to imply that Dr. Malone was not the developer of the mRNA technology, but rather the “real” creator was another researcher who made the claim 10 years after Dr. Malone had procured a patent for his invention. This demonstrates the extent these controllers of truth will go to hide the truth.

Also telling, is that each of these men has offered to debate the critics of their position in an open debate. Not surprisingly, there are no takers. Why? Even the nonscientist Steve Kirsch has offered to debate anyone, and even offered a cash reward. Still no takers. That tells us a lot. These critics work from the shadows where it is safe, emerging only long enough to hurl personal insults.

The reason so many knowledgeable people holding our views on this issue have remained silent is quite obvious – their very livelihoods are at stake and are controlled by a small cabal of these controllers, such as Anthony Fauci, bought and paid for medical journals, various medical societies on the pharmaceutical payroll, and, of course, governmental stooges. Control of all grants by the NIH keeps the scientists silent. It is the lifeblood of their careers.

The journal Surgical Neurology International has invited anyone who has a disagreement with my article to come forward and submit their evidence. No takers so far.

I receive no pay for engaging in this messy and hate-filled debate, unlike the pharmaceutical companies which are making tens of billions of dollars. In fact, they are making more money on selling these injections than have any five pharmaceutical companies combined for selling all their other products. That these companies are using their enormous wealth to influence all avenues of information exchange is no secret.

Also, consider most medical journals, on average, receive a great deal of their profits from pharmaceutical ads. I make no profits from my opinion, in contradistinction to a great many of the medical societies. Many of these medical societies think they own all medical opinions, often, in my opinion, in an effort to protect their funding sources.

Then, we have the medical licensing boards that are also of the view that their personal medical opinions should stand unchallenged. That was never the intended purpose of medical licensing boards and severely interferes with medical progress and safety for the patients we serve. Physicians who refuse to adhere to the set rules of the these boards, but rather choose to think for themselves, are removed from practicing medicine. These boards were instituted to assure all licensed doctors were properly trained in accredited training programs, were not impaired by addicting substances, and were not guilty of any crime. They were not instituted to control opinions.

Hospitals also play their role in this rising new totalitarian medical system by removing uncompliant physicians from their premises for the audacity of trying to care for their patients in a way that, in the modern history of medicine, has always existed. Within the new medical care system, physicians are assembly line workers who must follow company policy exactly.

Can anyone honestly deny that the CDC used its influence among all hospitals and among compliant doctors to follow their protocol explicitly? Can anyone deny that the hospitals were being paid large sums for every patient admitted to the intensive care unit and even more if they were placed on a ventilator?[ 1 , 16 ]

Can anyone truthfully deny that hospitals received higher reimbursements for enforcing the use of remdesivir in their institutions?[ 5 ] Can you really deny that physicians who refused to follow these destructive mandates were removed from their positions or even physically thrown out of the hospital? Do any of you critics of my article deny that Fauci stated that no autopsies need to be done on individuals killed by the vaccines?[ 12 ] And that the Office of National Statistics states that it is not required to provide information on how many autopsies have been done of those dying after a COVID-19 “vaccination.”[ 11 ]

Can any of you really deny that it is unprecedented for a person who has fully recovered from an infection to receive a “vaccine” for that infection? Did the medical orthodoxy ever recommend such a policy for people recovering from the flu or any other infection? Recent well-conducted and argued scientific papers warn of the dangers of such a practice.[ 14 ]

Does anyone deny that two massive Naval hospital ships off each of our coast sat empty when we were being told at the very time by the medical societies, public health authorities, and the mainstream media that all hospitals were overcrowded with dying COVID-19 patients and the staffs of these hospitals were exhausted and overworked? Can you really deny that a number of hospitals across this nation were in fact empty or nearly empty of COVID-19 patients? Worse, that many hospitals were also denying hospital beds for other non-COVID-19 patients and that large numbers of chronically ill, including cancer patients, were being denied routine follow-up medical care based on these edicts? Can they deny that nonemergency (elective) surgeries were being canceled by these same controllers of medical care?

Can anyone truthfully deny that Pfizer hid the prevaccine rollout biodistribution study and that it required a freedom of information lawsuit to have it released? This biodistribution study clearly indicated that the CDC and other COVID-19 “vaccine” promoters lied about the nanolipid carrier remaining at the site of the injection. Do any of the critics or controllers of information deny that all of these makers of “vaccines” have been sued collectively in the past for over 10 billion dollars for fraud and serious violations of manufacturing safety standards? This is all a matter of record.

Further, can anyone deny that the CDC continues to receive millions in profits from developing and then promoting vaccines? Other government health bureaucracies also reap huge profits from such promotion of injectables (vaccines). Senator Rand Paul recently presented evidence while grilling Anthony Fauci that from 2010 to 2016, the National Institutes of Health received 27,000 royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies dispersed among 1800 of its employees amounting to 193 million dollars ( That buys a great deal of influence, while silencing opposing opinions concerning these injectables.

Some of the other critical questions to be asked include these: knowing that thrombosis and embolism are major complications of these genetic injections, why, even at this late date, has the CDC, public health departments, or medical societies never even recommended that all “vaccine” injected individuals undergo D-dimer testing for the presence of thrombi (mainly microthrombi)? With the compelling evidence that with these injections, we see a progressive attrition of the person’s innate immune cells why is this information not included in informed consent when a person goes for his or her injection? Of course, we have little or no informed consent with any of these injections. We are just told that they are “safe” and “effective,” when compelling evidence says otherwise. Why are physicians not told to do studies of innate immune cells numbers in their vaccinated patients at 4–6 months postinjection, especially those who are experiencing recurrent COVID infections and other infections, such as bacterial pneumonia?

I know personally of a case of an elderly gentleman who received both primary COVID-19 injections. Soon afterward, he suffered from recurrent bacterial pneumonia 4 times over a short period. His doctors were baffled. I suggested they get the innate immune studies, which demonstrated a severe deficiency in lymphocyte numbers. Once these low lymphocyte levels were corrected he experienced no further infections.

In addition, why are we still treating this as if the pandemic is continuing, when it no longer, in any way, meets such criteria? The original virus, SARS-CoV-2, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists and there is absolutely no credible evidence that the vaccines protect against the omicron variant. Antibody levels are not an adequate measure of immunity. If the vaccines are protective, why are such large numbers of vaccinated patients contracting the omicron variant infections? Further, ? are we now told that the vaccinated should wear a mask is it because they are still transmitting the virus? Was not that the whole purpose of the vaccine?

If we go back further, why did the CDC order laboratories in the US to set their polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cycles at 42 cycles when the developer of the test stated emphatically that anything over 30 cycles had a false-positive rate of over 90%? In addition, why were doctors ordered to put a diagnosis of COVID-19 on death certificates as the primary cause of death just because the person tested positive within a month of dying and even when the physician did no testing at all? Why were cases of violent death, including murder, auto accidents, and suicides, being signed out on death certificates as COVID-19 deaths by order of political figures in many states? Keep in mind that all these PCR tests, the primary testing being done, were performed at a cycle rate that assure the vast majority would be false positives.

Why have the media, the medical bureaucracies and medical societies ignored the deaths of despair and the psychosocial devastation the lockdown and other restrictions have had, especially on the youngest members of our society? Why is all this devastation to our economy, our social structure, our psychological well-being, and our future being ignored as if all these events had not happened? All over a virus, SARSCoV-2 that for over 95% of the population was no more deadly than a mild-to-moderate influenza infection. The Omicron variant is no more virulent than a common cold virus for the vast majority of the population. Frail individuals with multiple comorbid diseases, especially at the extremes of life, are at a great risk but this is true for multiple low-virulent microorganisms as well.

One of the most obvious manipulations occurred to me very early – where were all the influenza hospitalizations and deaths? It was as if the flu had disappeared in 2020. We have been told endlessly that every year over 400,000 people are admitted to hospitals with an influenza diagnosis and on average 38,000 die (another CDC manipulation of truth) each year with influenza infections. Where did these people go? When the question was finally asked, the answer defied common sense and all science. We were told that because so many people were wearing masks the flu disappeared. This ploy worked with those who were not aware that many studies had been conducted in past flu seasons using incredibly stringent mask wearing – even wearing masks during sleep.[ 6 - 8 ]

These studies demonstrated no significant effects with mask wearing on flu incidence, spread, or hospitalization. It was all a lie – the flu cases were being diagnosed as COVID-19 cases. How do I know that? Because the CDC itself admitted that the PCR test, the only one being done at that time, could not distinguish between the influenza virus and COVID-19. We also know that the PCR test cannot distinguish between a live virus and a dead one and cannot distinguish between the common cold coronavirus and SARS-Co-V-2 coronavirus. All this vital information was withheld from the public by the medical authorities, medical societies, and the media.

Another vital question we must ask is this: do the political elite making the oppressive edicts really believe what they are telling the public? When the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, was exposed attending a party with numerous unmasked guest, all sitting around a large table, should-to-shoulder, laughing out loud, talking loudly (All things we were told were high risk for spreading the virus), it should have been a wakeup call that these designers of the draconian lockdown measures in no way believed the masks were necessary and certainly not “social distancing” or “sheltering in place.”[ 2 ] They were in essence laughing at the public for believing such nonsense. Governor Newsom was exposed doing the very same thing with his politically elite friends while all of California were being held in a de facto rigid quarantine situation in their homes.[ 10 ]

As if this was not bad enough, even after they were exposed these governors continued their draconian edicts resulting in the destruction of numerous businesses, psychological damage to children as well as adults, a rise in suicide rates and rates of addicting drug use, and children being deprived of their education. Many churches were closed, funeral attendance was drastically curtailed and weddings were ruined. Loved ones in nursing homes and many hospitals died lonely deaths completely separated from family and friends. None of these destructive rules ever seemed to apply to the connected elite.

Then, we have the issue of the autopsies, as discussed in my paper. Why were so few autopsies done and why did the medical authorities wait so long to even start the autopsies? Their excuse was that the pathologists were afraid of contracting the infection from the deceased. Numerous articles were published by pathologist from every country loudly decrying that nonsense. What were the controllers of truth afraid they would find? From Fauci’s standpoint and the standpoint of the pharmaceutical makers of these deadly injections, it is quite obvious why they would not want autopsies to be done. Autopsies would show, as they eventually did, that many of the dead did not die of the infection itself, but rather from their comorbid diseases and extreme age. Do any of you critics have another explanation or do you just deny the reality that it occurred at all? Denial of reality appears to be a common ploy of the truth manipulators.

How can anyone explain Fauci’s declaration that no autopsies needed to be done on those dying from complications caused by the vaccines? Autopsies would, without question, be a critical part of the postrelease injection follow-up of such deaths. Certainly, we would want to know why these people died and what pathological damage was being done to other organs and tissues by these injections. The most vital information we would want is what effects are the nanolipid carriers and mRNA-producing spike proteins having on organs and especially what is the degree of damage and fate of the massively “vaccine” produced spike proteins. And, what effects are these spike proteins having on tissues and organs especially the brain? We now have some evidence that in a limited number of autopsies done on such cases arranged by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and a German pathologist, Dr. Arne Burkhardt that there appears to exist extensive inflammation in all blood vessels, the heart, the kidneys, the liver, and many other organs among their autopsied cases. We also now know that the spike proteins from the vaccines are produced in far larger numbers than any natural COVID-19 infection and this continues for at least 2 months after the injection (the time the study was terminated).[ 14 ]

We should all be concerned with the endless lying about the consequences of the “vaccine”-induced myocarditis/ pericarditis occurring in young males. A recent study demonstrated that even though the child appears to recover from the myocarditis, special scans demonstrated permanent damage to the heart muscle.[ 13 ] Several cardiologists have stated that these young men could be in danger of further heart issues later in life, which is supported by real science and clinical experience. Long-term studies are needed to truly evaluate the effects of these cases of vaccine-induced heart damage.[ 9 ] There is a real possibility, according to some cardiologists, that such damage could years later include progressive heart failure, arrhythmias, and an imposed reduction in physical activity.

Why were obstetricians lying by telling pregnant women that the vaccine was safe for them during pregnancy when the makers themselves in their brochures stated that no studies on safety to the mother or child had been done when the “vaccines” were released? At least one so-called safety study done after many pregnant women had already been injected was shown to be highly manipulated to show safety.[ 15 ]

Do any of you critics deny that the FDA asked the courts to hide the data from the “safety” studies done before the EUA approval was given, first for 55 years and then 75 years?[ 4 ] Can any of you defenders of this “vaccine” provide a rational defense of such a request, other than to hide what is now being found by a large number of lawyers examining these newly released papers – extensive fraud in the prerelease safety studies.[ 3 , 17 ] Why has there been no long-term studies or even plans to do long-term studies on the millions who have already been injected? Why are there no plans to do long-term studies on all the babies born of injected mothers? And, why would Fauci and company push to vaccinate 6-month-old babies and small children when their risk of death from this present variant virus is so small statistically it is near zero? Senator Rand Paul could not, despite all his best efforts, force Fauci to admit to the extreme danger of this deadly policy, in spite of overwhelming evidence.

There are so many unanswered questions one could write a lengthy article just listing the questions alone. Critics of my COVID Update article not only do not want these answers they want all such embarrassing data hidden forever.

I close with another great quote. This one from Mark Twain. “It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”


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    avtar image
    Dr. Miguel A. Faria

    Posted July 24, 2022, 8:01 am

    Taken in conjunction with his previous treatise, “COVID Update: What is the Truth?,” this is the most, serious, comprehensive, instructive, and edifying discussion that I have seen on this momentous scientific and political issue . Dr. Blaylock has done an impressive job in bringing to light the real facts and manipulations and exposing the real agenda behind the “Coronavirus Pandemic” and “the vaccination efforts to combat it.” These papers should be read by medical and public health professionals, as well as the laymen, not leaving out the politicians who are bent in regimenting our lives at all cost —not only purportedly to save us from ourselves but for the sake of their own power.

    avtar image
    Martin Feeley

    Posted September 13, 2022, 3:37 am

    Hello Russell,
    Please forgive the familiarity; but it is great to have a kindred spirit.
    Words such as awesome, excellent and congratulations cover commentary on your article(s); so take that as read.
    Where am I coming from? I am a retired Vascular surgeon in Ireland and drifted into admin after my 65th. In Sept 2020 I retired (pushed or jumped?) because of my outspoken criticism of the “Lockdowns”. My horror at the stupidity of lockdowns pales in comparison to my total incredulity at the acceptance of the vaccination program. As we are in a “samizdat” state in Ireland there is no public questioning of policy or counter-narrative forum available. That’s me.
    My comment.
    I appreciate that I am In a much less vulnerable situation than all working medics, and that’s important.
    Nevertheless, I am struck by the fact that almost all medically trained commentators lay the blame in the hands of the political leaders. ALL understanding of Covid-19 and best measures needed to deal with the pandemic, regardless of origins, are totally in the realm of medical science. The entire blame for the total mismanagement lies squarely on medical shoulders. The profession has always prided itself (maybe I’m deluded) on its openness and freedom to question; this leads to progress! So if the government advisors get it wrong they are challenged; they may not be challenged because it is not allowed as in my case, or not enough, numerically, to see the wrong, or if they do, to stand up and say it out loud.
    Though it saddens me greatly to say this, Russell; our profession has completely defaulted on its responsibility to society.
    Sorry for going on; I only wanted to say thank you for being a ray of light in this blackness.
    All the Best,

    avtar image
    Michelle DeVaul

    Posted September 28, 2022, 9:54 am

    As a RN in NY, I became severely ill following the pfizer vaccine I was “forced” to receive to keep my job. This travesty of justice and civil rights by our government regarding this pandemic has been overwhelming. I am in awe of how we have been lied to and disregarded. It took almost 10 months before I was stable enough to return to work and my life. Thank you for an outstanding article.

    avtar image
    Barb Johnson

    Posted December 7, 2022, 7:40 pm

    Why are they still giving this vaccine? Is there any plans of removing mandated vaccines in healthcare settings and other companies that make their employees get the vaccine before they are hired?


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