James I. Ausman1, Mike Cheley2, Nancy E. Epstein3
  1. Emeritus Editor-in-Chief SNI and CEO SNI™, SNI Digital™,
  2. CTO James I. and Carolyn R. Ausman Educational Foundation, CEO Graphtek, Rancho Mirage California,
  3. Department of Neurosurgery, Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, State University of NY at Stony Brook, NY and Editor-in-Chief, Surgical Neurology International® (SNI™), United States.

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James I. Ausman, MD., PhD., Emeritus Editor-in-Chief SNI and CEO SNI™, SNI Digital. United States.


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Surgical Neurology International® (SNI) is launching a new service named SNI Digital. SNI already reaches 25–40,000 users/month in 239 countries and territories. SNI Digital will offer a new integrated global information source to reach more people worldwide with innovations in learning.

Surveys of our SNI’s worldwide neurosurgical readership have shown that there are three primary sources from which neurosurgeons obtain their information: (1) Reading abstracts, and, if interested, the papers associated with them, (2) the Internet, and (3) “Talking with Colleagues.” To deal with the increasing amount of information available, our readers wanted editors or experienced neuroscientists to screen this flood of Internet data to pre-select the best information for their evaluation. Most users had 1–2 h a day to read, if that, and wanted condensed, summarized information. The costs of meetings and internet courses are now getting very high. Physician incomes are shrinking as a growing bureaucracy and more paperwork places demands on their time. Zoom lectures typically provide one-way teaching with no interaction and are not peer reviewed. Meaningful social interaction has decreased in the technological revolution particularly with patients. Discussion of information is preferred, rather than just more information. Based on our readers responses, our research, experience with real time meetings, and discussions, we have developed the following new approach to information exchange in this technological world, SNI Digital – “Innovations in Learning.”


SNI Digital is interactive discussion of information; not just information.

It is real-life communication and not just two-dimensional written information.

It has a worldwide audience for information exchange and ideas.

It provides an open discussion of controversies on treatment choices.

Videos with simultaneous real-time English translations in “Closed Captions” (CC) for everyone to follow.

Session audios, so you can listen while multi-tasking at home or in the car.

Round table case discussions with different viewpoints offered worldwide.

Q andA for a surgeon while doing surgery to learn technique and tips.

Printable text of each session in nine languages (soon > 100) as a written record of your experience.

Practical information you can use.

Short summaries of papers, meetings, scientific information of all kinds, interviews, and discussions on various topics to fit your time.

Nancy Epstein’s basic lecture series on neurosurgical topics.

It is a forum for new ideas, innovation, and creativity.

SNI Digital begins with the content of the SNI Digital neurosurgery summit 2021, in which 93% of the attendees wanted more similar programs.

SNI Digital is for those interested in neurosurgery and neuroscience at all ages.

It has teaching sessions for young neurosurgeons, students (YNSS) and residents.

Formatted for smart phones, digital tablets, and desktops.

SNI Digital content will be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Available to you 24/7/365 days a year to use and to download.

SNI, the journal will continue to serve as a reference resource.

SNI Digital is your digital journal for real-time and virtual information and discussion.

Certificates of attendance are available for each session attended. CME category I credit is being pursued.

Our goal is to provide you with the best information to use in treating your patients.


Time stamps (TS), to help you select the presentation time that fits your needs.

All content will be peer-reviewed and rated for your choice.

A search feature so you can select by topic, rating, and TS for your needs.

Technology which is regularly upgraded to be at the leading edge.

Wanted: Neurosurgeons with experience, wisdom, and the desire to volunteer in the education of YNSS by participating in:

Why the patient must come first in healthcare, above all others.

Discussions of neurosurgical cases, mentoring.

Review and rating digital content (internet videos) for the SNI Digital website.

Review of papers for SNI.

Participation in SNI Digital journal clubs, lectures, and advice for young students and neurosurgeons (YNSSs).

Round table discussions of treatment controversies.

Grand rounds locally with international speakers.

Intergenerational discussions on health and life subjects: “Let’s Talk.”

Career mentoring and job preparation.

Applying for a residency position. What you need to know.

The politics of neurosurgery programs.

Preparing and presenting lectures.

Research and paper writing guidance for those interested.

Providing clinical advice to requesting neurosurgeons.

Helping develop and report on key presentations from local meetings.

Neurosurgery as a business; managing people; and developing a department or group

Malpractice, what you need to know. What to do if you are sued?

Keys to success in life and career.

Help in the technical production of SNI Digital content, video editing experience, social media, to bring these new forms of communication to a wider audience.

Interviewing for SNI Digital.

This is an opportunity for a worldwide audience of neurosurgeons and clinical neuroscientists to volunteer for this new venture of world education.

We will fit your time schedule. Tell us how much time you can spend.


Write to, with your e-mail address, comments, interests, a brief bio, your ideas for SNI Digital, your phone number, and social media contact. We will contact you to discuss how you can be a part of SNI Digital. Or let us know your ideas on what we can do better.


SNI Digital will be developed for the young neurosurgeon (YNSS), neuroscientist, or medical student, to fit their needs.

SNI Digital lets you tell us the programs you want and design SNI Digital for your interests.

SNI Digital should be a forum for YNSS and allow the exchange of new ideas worldwide. At all ages, we are learning from each other. That is what medicine is about.

Career preparation and mentoring.

Round table discussions on keys to success in life and career.

Intergenerational discussions on health and life subjects: “Let’s Talk”

Efficient use of time and goal setting.

How to achieve your dreams in the real world.

SNI Digital needs technical help as technology changes. Let us know what you want to do to participate in SNI DIgital.


Visit our new website at or

Go to the SNI Home page

Click on the SNI Digital logo on the surgical neurology international homepage to go to the SNI Digital website.

You will see Version 1.0 home page with Announcements in the left blue column and a choice of programs on the right.

Click on the Session you want to see with Discussants around the world on different topics.

Select the language you want from the top right of the page.

Click on the Video Arrow to watch the video of the session with CC for ease in following the discussion in multiple languages.

Choose Audio to hear a session or

Click Show Transcript; click Print to print the “AI” transcript of the session.

Click the Icon in the lower right and leave a comment.


Content may include videos of case reports, case series, research reports, literature review, editorial comments, surgical videos, lectures, lecture series, discussion sessions, presentation of unique scientific observation, or other ideas.

References will be needed for the user to access and to be included as part of the presentation.

SNI Digital is interested in publishing Short 15 min summaries of meetings held around the world as videos. This feature will provide our user audience with opportunities to see and hear the new advances everywhere without leaving home.

All content on SNI Digital will be peer reviewed by a panel of experts.

Content will be evaluated without titles or identification of source to eliminate any possibility of partiality.

Reviewers will evaluate the content for acceptance, revision, or rejection by SNI.

Evaluation will occur within a reasonable time.


Initially, all the content on SNI Digital will be FREE to all users. To sustain, this service will need to be user supported.

Our surveys have indicated that 95% of people would use this service and 75% are willing to pay for it from $25 to $100/year.

Further information will be available as the payment option is developed.

As with SNI, SNI Digital will waive the costs for those requesting support.

Thank you for joining us in this new 21st century opportunity to stay active, informed, and meet people worldwide. Pass this on to your neurosurgical/medical friends and other colleagues who may also be interested.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Journal or its management. The information contained in this article should not be considered to be medical advice; patients should consult their own physicians for advice as to their specific medical needs.

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