Surgical Neurology International (SNI) is an open-access, Internet Journal of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience. SNI's content can be read, watched, or downloaded completely FREE of charge. Advertisers receive statistics regarding the success and penetration of their advertisement, allowing for intelligent advertising choices based on a clear ROI. Since its inception in March of 2010, SNI has grown to be read in 229 countries and territories by over 20,000 readers a month, making it one of the most widely read neurosurgical journals in the world.

SNI has developed and launched a new, easy to use Web site, SNI 2.0. Viewers can access the Web site at or by Google: Surgical Neurology International. This Web site is a full departure from traditional medical journals. The Home page features a beautiful picture that changes, depicting countries around the world, and a SEARCH bar. Using a new powerful search function, you can enter any topic to obtain a comprehensive listing from among our 1500 scientific papers published in the last 7 years, 76 lectures from the UCLA Residency training program on Neurology and Neurosurgery, over 1200 Videos on various aspects of cranial neurosurgery by Professor Juha Hernesniemi and others, 40 theses, free e-books, and more. SNI contains a whole neurosurgical database of information available to our readers in one place. Any reader can print the abstract, the paper, or the PDF for their use, or even translate any of the scientific papers into 103 languages. Readers can sign up to have papers on selected topics sent to their e-mail, or saved to be read later. The Table of Contents is sent monthly to newsletter subscribers free of charge.

SNI offers very attractive options for a company wishing to advertise their product(s) or service(s). Chief among these options is a "popup ad," which appears in the center of the page every time a visitor clicks on any one of our educational offerings. Once the ad is on-screen, the visitor has the options of clicking the ad to visit the advertiser’s chosen Web page, or dismissing the ad to continue with their chosen article or video. This prominent ad placement has resulted in up to a 1.0% click-through rate (CTR), which is significantly above the industry standard. Unlike with traditional print advertising, statistics detailing impressions and clicks are provided to the advertiser. For the average advertiser, the popup ad will direct up to 300 visitors per month to the company’s Web site. Other advertising alternatives include banner ads and a special section devoted to videos of the company's products.

SNI offers many other options for an advertiser that are not available in two dimensional print media, at a much lower cost, with the opportunity to change the content every month. See the attached Advertising Opportunities for a detailed review of the options available. We encourage you to browse through our new site, after which we would like to schedule an Internet-based meeting to discuss the options available, our philosophies, and your goals in greater detail. We will work with you to design an advertising campaign that will best suit your company's product or service.

Our Web site uses a responsive web site design, which responds to the size of the screen of the visitor. Here is how the banner zones change relative to popular devices. Your ad will scale to fit the appropriate dimensions. Please plan your ad accordingly.


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