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    In the article titled “Aplasia cutis congenita: Two case reports and discussion of the literature”, published on pages 273, Issue 1, Volume 8 of Surgical Neurology International,[ 1 ] the name of the authors is written incorrectly as “Blionas Alexandros, Giakoumettis Dimitrios, Antoniades Elias, Drosos Evangelos, Mitsios Andreas, Plakas Sotirios, Sfakianos Georgios, Themistocleous S. Marios” instead of “Alexandros Blionas, Dimitrios Giakoumettis, Elias Antoniades, Evangelos Drosos, Andreas Mitsios, Sotirios Plakas, Georgios Sfakianos, Marios S. Themistocleous”.

    The “How to cite this article” section should read correctly as “Blionas A, Giakoumettis D, Antoniades E, Drosos E, Mitsios A, Plakas S, Sfakianos G, Themistocleous MS”.


    1. Alexandros B, Dimitrios G, Elias A, Evangelos D, Andreas M, Sotirios P. Aplasia cutis congenita: Two case reports and discussion of the literature. Surg Neurol Int. 2017. 8: 273-

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