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    In the article titled “Venous air embolisms and sitting position in Helsinki pineal region surgery”, published on page 160, Issue 1, Volume 9 of Surgical Neurology International[ 1 ], the below two sentences were inadvertently omitted from Introduction section at the end & Conclusions section at the start.


    In this regard, this study tests whether different demographic, clinical or intraoperative variables correlates with the presence of VAE and severe VAE during pineal region surgery.


    VAE correlates with venous injury during pineal region surgery. Severe VAE was absent in this series.


    1. Choque-Velasquez J, Colasanti R, Resendiz-Nieves JC, Raj R, Lindroos AC, Jahromi BR. Venous air embolisms and sitting position in Helsinki pineal region surgery. Surg Neurol Int. 2018. 9: 160-

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